Herbal Clay Masque
  • Herbal Clay Masque


    If you’re looking to cleanse and define your curls without drying or stripping your hair, give this Herbal Clay Masque a try! This is a great alternative to stripping, chemical filled shampoos. Formulated with 3 clays (bentonite, kaolin and rhassoul clay) all designed to naturally cleanse, enhance your natural curl pattern and condition the hair without the stripped feeling you may get from a traditional shampoo. After rinsing, you can do a deep conditioner, a leave-in or go straight in to styling! 






      Working in sections, apply the clay to soaking wet hair and scalp. Smooth and work through each section thoroughly. Leave on your hair for 15-20 minutes and rinse with WARM water. Follow up with a the Babassu and Honey Deep Treatment.


      -Bentonite Clay- Bentonite clay is a gentle yet thorough cleanser for natural hair that: Gently absorbs product buildup, oily residue, dirt, dead skin cells and other particles from hair and scalp. 


      -Kaolin Clay-It is rich in silica and can also detoxify hair along with restoring moisture to dry and brittle hair


      -Rhassoul Clay- Improves hair elasticity, aids in detangling, reduces frizz and enhances curl defnition 


      bentonite clay, kaolin clay, rhassoul clay, aloe vera juice, essential oil blend